Robotic Weld Line Cell

We provide complete turnkey Robotic Welding Solution for Spot Welding and MIG & TIG Welding.

We have provided complete welding solution including sequential process – complete Turn Key following Segments Weld Lines.

We provide Standard Robotic Welding Cells - Stationary and Indexcing Type

Basic Design of the cell should have two/ three main fixtures in each cell, if required the quantity can change in a cell (Customer Approval Required). The loading and unloading of components should be masked. The Cell should consist of 1 or 2 Robotic Torch. Foot Print of the machine should be as narrow as possible. Improve machine portability by providing common base for Robot, Fixture Structure and Fencing etc. the objective of this type of Robotic Cell is to do the complete welding of component with Robotic MIG and Spot Welding. The Turnkey cell will cover complete design, Fabrication, Robot Integration and Welding Automation. Robotic Cell will be a T, L, I cell which is an arrangement of the entire specific cell required for manufacturing a product or a family of product in one area. Design, Manufacturing, Trails and Supply of Robotic cells with complete Tooled up. Robotic Fixtures, Pedestal for Robots mounted on common Base with Roof (If required). Controllers, Welding Power Source, Servo Stabilizer are placed on Roof with Proper Stand and safety Fencing. Operator Console, HMI Touch Panels, Poke Yoke and Electrical System.


JIG's & Fixtures